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Find the perfect photographer for your infant photos, baby photos, and family photos. I’m happy to help arrange a peaceful photography session and ensure excellent results, whether digital or printed. You’ll be glad called.


    Photographer in Simcoe

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    A Photographer’s Life

    The Best Infant & Baby Photography in Simcoe

    Newborn baby photograph, isn't he precious!

    We are pleased to service the town of Simcoe, and the surrounding communities in Norfolk County, including Delhi, Port Dover, Jarvis, Waterford, Langton and Beyond. Photography is a mobile field by nature, and I can come to you, or you can come to me – Whatever makes your photography experience more enjoyable, I will make it happen!

    My Photography Services

    Baby Photography

    You’ve seen the photos flooding your Facebook feeds. The cutest babies in Simcoe are taking over! Whether you’re enjoying the latest trends with babies in baskets, or have a plan of your own, we can help capture the memory while they’re still small!

    Family Photography

    Family photography is making a comeback! Grab your knitted Christmas sweaters and let’s sit by the fire (Or if you have a different idea), let’s get together and showcase the best of your family to preserve for all time.

    Portrait Photography

    Head shots or close ups may be required for your job or for your resume. If have any special requests, please ask. There’s a million potential needs to hire a photographer in Simcoe, we are here to cover as many as possible.